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D B Corp Ltd. Becomes Largest EBIDTA Margin Company in Listed Print Media Companies of India in FY 09-10(Presentation )

D B Corp Ltd. has announced its results for Qtr 4 and Annual year FY 09-10 on 27th May 2008 at Mumbai, after completion of their Board Meeting.

The following are the major highlights:

DB Corp Ltd. achieved an EBIDTA margin of around 34% on stand-alone basis and 32.26% on consolidated basis for the FY 09-10 which is the highest amongst the listed print media companies.

This EBIDTA margin has been achieved without compromising on the news print quality or abnormally increasing the cover price.

We have been successfully able to bring down our operating cost by 12% on YOY basis. Our Gross Debt has come down to Rs. 238 Crores, as on 31st march 2010 and we have a cash and Bank Balance of Rs. 192 Crs. As on 31st March 2010(on Consolidated Basis).

Our subsidiary, Synergy Media Entertainment Ltd. (SMEL), carrying radio business has become EBIDTA break even within the shortest span of time in radio industry.