Digital Media Business – DB Digital

DB Digital, a digital products company, focused exclusively on building the best news products for India.

More than 1.1 Billion Indians will be online on their mobile devices by 2025, hungry for more - more news, more information, more knowledge, and we want to be their trusted, go-to source for high quality content delivered to them daily in the most easy to consume way, personalized for their specific needs.

Key Tentpoles:
  • Widest Local News Coverage - In-depth, daily local news coverage across more than 2500+ cities across India across the Hindi, Gujarati & Marathi markets.
  • Innovative News Formats - New formats to deliver news which is highly insightful, engaging and shareable, targeted at a large market segment and even those who cannot read.
  • Sustainable Distribution - New distribution methods to form a direct, loyal user base and control the quality of their user experience, instead of relying purely on search, social & aggregation platforms.
  • Hyper Personalization - Extremely high levels of personalization through the use of ML ensuring that every user gets the right news at the right time with the right context in their preferred user experience and mediums.
  • Data Driven Content Operations - Deep, real time analysis of content consumption patterns to inform news creation to ensure every user gets all the content they want with a rapidly evolving understanding of India’s changing needs.

We offer News across 3 key properties via our Apps, Websites & other platforms - Dainik Bhaskar, Divya Bhaskar, Divya Marathi and are among the Top News products in each of those segments.

We also offer a dedicated Hindi business news offering called Money Bhaskar and an online real estate offering called Home Online.